Summary Of Services

When you work with MSCS Engineering, we will try to save you as much as possible, if you have existing plans we will do our best to revise them for you if needed to save you money and time, we will have one of our engineers correct anything if anything is needed to be corrected done, stamped. We will take your plans to the permit building and get your permit you will not need deal with that headache when you work with us. We will also provide General Contractors that we have on staff if needed.
If you do not need a permit or stamp and just need plans, we can handle that.

Our Engineers – General Contractors

We provide a complete range of General Contracting, Geotechnical, MEP, Structural, Architectural, Design & Civil engineering services.  Our solutions define and reduce construction and long-term performance risks.  Our engineers & GC’s have the experience and expertise to handle the most technically demanding projects to the most simple at an affordable price.  We will meet your budget. Free quotes. Contact us.

Florida Professional Engineer Stamp | PE Stamps -Drawings

MSCS Engineering can review your design same day or next day, make improvements if needed for permit and approve within 48-72 hours. We can come to your location to create drawing same or next day and approve within 72 hours. No job is to small, no job is to big. We have Structural, Architectural, Civil, Forensic, Geo tech, Stationary and Machine Professional Engineering’s on staff. We have Builders who can, if needed turn the drawing into life.

Architectural Engineering

We address requirements and constraints with the right mix of analytical thinking, creativity and artistry designing buildings that make a statement, conserve natural resources and enrich the human experience. Recognized as apioneer in the implementation of design technologies, we harness computational tools and workflows, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced building analysis and visualization to push the boundaries of building performance.

Ultimately, we create architecture that transforms our clients ambitions into elegantly useful and appealing human environments.

Structural Engineering

MSCS Engineering Structural Engineers provides excellence in structural engineering by providing structural solutions and state of the art technical expertise to ensure the architects designs and owners structures will withstand the demands of the environment at and affordable price.

Much like CAD revolutionized the design industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing the industry today. Our production department has advanced training in BIM and we are fully capable of producing building models to any Level of Development (LOD) that your project requires. We have and experienced staff with Autodesk / AutoCAD, the developers of Revit, which is one, if not the most, prevalent BIM software in use today.

Design Engineering 

We off Blue Prints for all construction types. Models and Images of any type. We can build , remodel, design. There is no job to small or to big.

Marketing / E-Commerce

Our team does key word research and optimizes your website, social media, blogs, links and much more.
We will increase your volume of calls, emails and help you achieve a high ranking. We offer custom web page builds and or updating existing.


Provide Air Conditioning power from generator services

Master planning and phasing studies.

Building survey evaluations and feasibility studies.

Programming and space allocation planning.

Cost estimating Code compliance.

Energy usage analysis and modeling.

Utility Coordination.

Building Commissioning and more.


Electrical Engineering Design and Installation. Power generator contractors specializing in AHCA

Other Services We Offer In Detail:

SEO – E-Commerce – Social Media Services

We offer 6-12-18 month contracts. We put forth for each and every client the best. We are on call for you needs. Page ranking, Local or nationwide targeted. We have a staff dedicated to results. We can handle all your social media promotion with software we own.

System Admin 

Everything on the back end, complicated annoying sectors of any webpage we will handle.

Website Builds – Software Installs

We don’t just build websites, we build great user friendly websites that are easy for the customer no matter what the industry to navigate. Anyway you want. We Keep it fresh. We can install any software your want & make recommendations for best results.

Networking – Security – Encryption 

We can set up any type of network you need, most can be done remotely or we can send one of our highly trained staff to your location. We have many security software options some of which are really outstanding. We can encryption your server, phone, computer with many different types of software.

Geotechnical Engineering & Services 

We provide a complete range of geotechnical engineering services through our 5 star licensed subcontractors.  Our geotechnical design solutions define and reduce construction and long-term performance risks.  Whether buildings, airport facilities, transportation systems, landfills, dams, or other civil and private projects, our engineers have the experience and expertise to handle the most technically demanding projects.

 •     Onshore and offshore subsurface exploration •     Laboratory testing and analysis of soils and rocks •     Pavement evaluations and design •     Deep and shallow foundation analysis and design  •     Site preparation recommendations •     Slope stability analysis •     Soil reinforcement •     Corridor studies •     Expert witness testimony •     Unknown foundation evaluation

 •     Peer review •     Value engineering

Construction Materials Testing & Services 

During construction, our sampling, monitoring and quality control services cover every phase of construction and all materials used. Our services are guided by project specifications and ensure sound, safe and quality construction through our 5 star licensed subcontractors.

 •     Earthwork testing and observations  •     Concrete testing and placement observation  •     Masonry, grout, and mortar sampling and testing  •     Asphalt paving monitoring

 •     Asphalt plant observations and monitoring •     MSE wall installation monitoring  •     Pre-stressed yard observations  •     Drilled shaft installation monitoring

•     Pile driving installation monitoring •     Pre and post construction survey •     Vibration monitoring

Inspections, Speciality Testing & Services 

MSCS also provides building inspection services, specialty testing services to verify that the Construction Manager maintains appropriate methods and the construction complies with the Construction Contract Documents through our 5 star licensed subcontractors. Our inspectors review the completeness and accuracy of the work completed. Our subcontracted, licensed Florida Building inspectors as well as highly experienced and licensed Special Inspectors who, under the State of Florida Building Standards, are capable of performing  threshold inspections .

•     Threshold/special inspections •     Non-destructive testing •     Roof installation observations •     Torque testing and inspections •     Welding inspections

•     Fire proofing testing •     Floor flatness testing •     Bolt inspections

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