Commercial Engineering

This is the biggest area of our company.

Commercial Engineering, What exactly do we mean? Well a lot of things. if you have an idea , but you cannot quite put all the pieces together, we will help you get from A-Z in no time and the best plan with the quickest and best results. We are patient, we take our time, do our research and come up with the best way to fulfill your goal. In short, we deal with any and all projects designed to result in monetary or other gain for the client.

-Planning, including land and drawing plans

-Zoning, including rezoning and applying for special exemptions and well as special use permits when necessary

-Infrastructure engineering

-Feasibility studies as well as environmental constraint studies to give clients an accurate picture of the project before they decide to commit to it

-Construction management online or out in the work place

-Document preparation, including permit applications and construction document preparation


There is much much more , above are just some broad examples of our commercial marketing which then leads us to the marketing aspect of the company we offer.

Please contact us at or P: 561-868-8836 to schedule and appointment.