Global Sourcing and Distribution Now Available!


What is Global Sourcing and Distribution?


GGlobal sourcing refers to buying materials, products or components from around the world. The advantages of global sourcing are quality and lower price.  Global distribution refers to selling products the same way.
For example buying your cocoa beans from the “Chocolate Belt”, a band extending up to twenty degrees north and south of the equator in countries like Cameroon and Brazil.  Getting your coffee beans from Columbia, Ethiopia, Yemen or Indonesia. Simply put maybe your retail store sells light bulbs, we find you the same exact light bulb from around the world at a much lesser price.

Our multilingual staff will connect you to a manufacturer and guide you through the process to avoid miscomunication.  We quickly identify and address issues early on to ensure the product is sourced and delivered on time.
We understand your needs are unique and are confident our international team will identify a fully vetted and reliable supplier to fulfill your precise requirements.


Quality is our bottom line. 

We will never simply connect you to a manufacturer, then disappear, leaving you mired in miscommunication and quality issues.

We put communication and quality first, and we won’t compromise.

We source from all over the world. Submit your product needs, we do the work & provide.

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